16 & Under Boys

DMWPC Spring Water Polo Camp: March 16 – April 17

COACHES: Jacob Schrimpf, Sergei Kananovich, Sami Hil

16u – Spring Water Polo Camp (M-Th 7:10-9:00)

–At the discretion of the coach and technical director, rosters may be adjusted during a session.

–Per Board policy, DMWPC does not prorate.

–A member in good standing is considered to have no outstanding disciplinary issues and the family account current with Del Mar Water Polo Club. 
 Age Eligibility
–A player’s age division is determined by the athlete’s age on August 1st of the year in which the tournament is being held.
If a player is 16 years old on August 1 of the upcoming Summer, they are eligible to compete in the 16U division. If an athlete turns 17 on July 31, his/her age is 17 on August 1st and is therefore not eligible for the 16U division. They are, however, able to participate in the 18U division.