Code of Conduct

  • In order for the Del Mar Water Polo Club to compete successfully at the highest level, it is essential to recognize that participation in the DMWPC activities is a commitment being made by players and their families. Therefore, it is important that we outline the expectations for all players, participants and their parents. All players and their parents are responsible for being familiar with this Code of Conduct and compliance with the Code. Please read the following guidelines that we expect all players and their parents to follow. By playing or participating in any DMWPC activities or by enrolling your child(ren) into the program you agree to follow the guidelines:

    • All players, parents and family members will (i) display proper respect and sportsmanship toward coaches, teammates, opponents, volunteers, officials, and the public; (ii) refrain from any speech toward or about another player, team member, opponent, coach or volunteer which is rude, demeaning, belittling or otherwise negative in any way; and (iii) refrain from any behavior that may discredit, reflect poorly on or embarrass the team or DMWPC.
    • Any physical or verbal harassment, intimidation, or threats, and any inappropriate physical contact is strictly prohibited and may result in a player’s suspension or expulsion from the team or Club. This includes confronting any athlete, teammate, parent, volunteer, coach, official, or other person in a hostile, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate manner.
    • Decisions about playing time, travel teams, and all other water polo related matters are made exclusively by the coaching staff and are not open to debate, discussion, or negotiations with players or parents. A player should feel free to discuss his/her status with the coaches at an appropriate time. Playing time and travel teams are not distributed on an equal basis and are not guaranteed by club membership.
    • Parents, guests and family members are expected to stay in the bleachers and away from the coaches during practices and games.
    • Parents, guests and family members in attendance at practices and games are expected to show support for all athletes, coaches, and other parents, and refrain from any negative talk.
    • Parents, guests and family members are expected to be mindful and supportive of our behavior, practice, performance, competition, attendance, fundraiser, and refund policies.
    • Parents are expected to get their children to all practices and games on time and fully prepared for the game or practice. As a general rule, players should arrive at games at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled time of the match.
    • No player will be allowed to participate in any practice of game unless he/she is registered with United States Water Polo.
    • All players must dress in appropriate team apparel when such is required under the circumstances.
    • Parents are required to discuss this Code of Conduct policy with their child(ren) and ensure their child(ren) understand the code of conduct expected from them as a player in all DMWPC activities.

    Conflict Resolution Policy. All members must follow the DMWPC policy for conflict resolution. Problems, questions, or complaints regarding any part of the training program should be discussed in order with:

    • The Team Parent
    • The athletes head coach
    • The President of DMWPC
    • The DMWPC Board Members

    Report Violations. Parents, players, coaches and volunteers are encouraged to report any and all suspected violations of the DMWPC Code of Conduct. All reported violations of the Code of Conduct laid out by DMWPC will result in a review by the DMWPC Board. The Board will enforce the Code of Conduct through the following means, in the Board’s absolute discretion based on the severity and repetition of violations:

    • 1st level offense: Letter from DMWPC defining discipline actions and restitution.
    • 2nd level offense: Suspension of player and/or parent from attending games and/or practices.
    • 3rd level offense: PARENT &/or PLAYER suspended or expelled for the remainder of the season and a hearing to determine the player’s eligibility for future play.

    *If conduct occurs at away from home, the player may be sent home by the first available transportation (after notice to and coordination with the player’s parent). Any additional expenses incurred in the transportation will be the parents’ sole cost and expense.

    PLEASE NOTE: The DMWPC has the right to suspend or expel any player and/or parent without providing through levels 1 or 2 if an incident is deemed sufficiently serious, for example violent or threatening behavior, pr physical contact.

    *WARNING* Athletes may be penalized for extreme behavior exhibited by parent(s) up to and including removal from the team. Parents are encouraged to participate at all events, but to do so in a sportsmanlike manner that does not disrupt any game activity.

    I, the undersigned player, have read and understand the Del Mar Water Polo Club Code of Conduct. I understand that I am required to abide by this Code of Conduct to participate in any Club activities, including games and practices.

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  • I/We, the parents of the above player, have read and understand the Del Mar Water Polo Code of Conduct. I/We understand all of the requirements for both the player and us as parents in order for my child(ren) to participate in DMWPC activities, as well as the ramifications if this contract is broken. I/We understand that my/our actions directly affect my/our athlete’s ability to continue further as a member of the team and Club.
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