Del Mar Water Polo Club Apparel

The Del Mar Water Polo required uniform is

All days- Blue mesh shorts

Friday- turquoise shirt (optional to buy as minimal Friday games)

Saturday- Navy shirt

Sunday- Light blue shirt

Boys- Del Mar Turbo suit

Girls- Del Mar Turbo suit

Our apparel company is Kap7.  Kap 7 has a team store for Del Mar Water Polo Club that is available year round.  This store offers turbo suits in most adult sizes, uniform shirts in adult sizes and backpacks.  Please click on the link for the team store.  Please use this link for immediate needs.

In addition to the year round store, we will be offering order windows for each session to purchase additional items including youth suits and youth shirts.

The windows are as follows:

Fall- turbo suits (male and female), uniform shirts (youth and adult), uniform shorts, backpacks, parkas (only offered this session so think ahead for holiday gifts), sweatshirts, sweatpants, and towels.  *Parkas may take longer to deliver

Winter- turbo suits, uniform shirts and shorts, backpack, sweatshirts, sweat pants, towels and a long sleeve t-shirt

Spring- turbo suits, uniform shirts and shorts, backpacks, sweatshirts, sweat pants, towels, jackets and a long sleeve t-shirt

Summer- turbo suits, uniform shirts and shorts, backpacks and towels

* Towels and backpacks may be personalized for an extra fee

** At this time, youth suits, female suits and youth shirts are only offered in the ordering window so please make sure they are ordered in the window

An ordering link will be available during the session which is typically the first two weeks of a session.  After a link closes, it takes approximately 3 weeks to receive the order.  Even if you placed your order on the first day the window opened, it will not process until the window closes.  If you need something urgently, try the year round team store first.